One Reality Is Not Enough.



  • Most realistic

    From bananas to marching bands, we bring anything from the real world into the virtual world. Our crack team of seasoned technologists and visual effects experts have developed the most precise algorithms on the market, making it easier and less expensive to capture the most realistic visuals

  • Unparalleled flexibility

    We built our intuitive software from the ground up for flexibility. Creators can capture anything, anywhere to create amazing experiences for virtual and augmented reality—without a room full of sensitive computing horsepower. Bonus: we’re hardware agnostic.

  • Broad Business Applications

    Companies across entertainment, hospitality, ecommerce and more are using Uncorporeal’s 3D Reality Capture Software to deepen customer relationships. From industry-leading TruVu volumetric capture and static photogrammetry to holophotography and holovideo, we provide the right entry point to VR/AR and grow as you grow.


Uncorporeal’s suite of cloud reality capture solutions match business needs.

TruVu volumetric capture

The best in the business
- Life-like immersive video captures people and places
- Deploying for entertainment and gaming


Capture the world around you
- Creating a sense of presence with off-the-shelf cameras
- Deploying for hospitality and architecture

Static photogrammetry

Step into the scene
- High-fidelity objects and places for viewers to explore
- Deploying for retail and e-commerce

What People Say

The most realistic VR I have ever seen. So real you don’t even feel like you’re in VR

Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab

Uncorporeal has solve[d] in a very real way the cardinal problem that plagues the prospects of virtual filmmaking.


Uncorporeal provides an incredible value proposition that businesses can’t afford to ignore.

Peter Cuneo, Former CEO of Marvel and Uncorporeal chairman

We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of available technology and concluded that Uncorporeal’s solution is the best suited to be able to deliver true cinematic-quality experiences with real humans that met our expectations.

Evan Schechtman, former CTO of RadicalMedia

The Street’ will find its own uses for Uncorporeal tech, hopefully surprising the shit out of you in amazing ways. Onward!

William Gibson, Hugo Award winning author of Neuromancer


Kul Wadhwa

Kul Wadhwa


Roddy O'hara

Roddy O’Hara


Ollie Rankin

Ollie Rankin

Vice President / Head of VR Production

Carlos Melcer

Carlos Melcer

Vice President Finance and Strategy

Peter Cuneo

Peter Cuneo

Former CEO of Marvel and Uncorporeal chairman

William Gibson

William Gibson


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